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When you are building the customer journey, in addition to identifying the stages of the consumer, the touchpoints with the consumer must also be identified. For each stage of the customer journey, there are different touchpoints, and therefore it is essential to recognize them and have them clear when launching a marketing strategy.

But what are touchpoints? Well, they refer to all those moments where you have interaction with a potential or real customer. These touchpoints can be both digital and physical.

The clearer you have the customer interactions with your company, the more complete will be the construction of the customer journey of your brand, which will lead to creating strategies aligned with the goals of the company and what the customer is looking for. This identification of touchpoints will allow you to establish and share the right content, in the right channel to the right person.

Your website will be one of the digital tools that will be your best ally to achieve your corporate objectives. In it, you can find several touchpoints that with the right use you can turn into additional tools to increase your sales and turn your potential customers into real customers. Some touchpoints you can have on your website are the chatbot, the news page or blog, the different tabs within the website, the contact box, and even the location of your company. Build your website in such a way that you can use it as an ideal space to enhance the interaction experience with your target audience.

When you are aware of all the touchpoints in the customer journey, you will be able to implement strategies that improve the interaction with your audience and lengthen the customer lifecycle. Some touchpoints may not be as obvious as others, since there are moments where the customer interacts with the brand even if he/she does not communicate with the brand.

A lack of touchpoints at one stage of the customer journey or the presence of many can affect your inbound marketing strategy, so it is important to analyze what point of interaction we have with the customer at each moment to achieve the best conversion rates in the Inbound Marketing strategy.

At C.R.Optimum we focus on understanding your business first to create actions that can convert into increased revenue. Schedule a free discovery session with us and discover how to boost your business to the maximum potential.

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