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When marketing and sales strategies are proposed, the objective is usually to consolidate the sale of the product or service. But what would you think if We told you that this is precisely where most companies fail?

Well, although consolidating the sale should be one of the main objectives in your consumer journey, we should not stop at this stage or encapsulate all our efforts until this apparent end.

One of the keys to a company's success is not only to get new customers but also that the ones you already have are trapped to your brand and do not prefer another one, because this one already meets all their needs.

When we focus on generating strategies within the company, we should not limit ourselves to achieving only one customer transaction. Our efforts must go much further, we must encourage real customers to buy the same or another product of the brand and make them frequent customers.

A good shopping experience and good service or product guarantees by itself the re-purchase in your company. For this reason, one of the first steps you should implement is to make feedback on the whole buying process and quality process of all the products or services you are offering, to make sure that you are providing a good experience and a good product.

It is important to keep in mind that, although it is true, the past work and the product/service we sell will make the customer return to make another transaction with your company, you must take actions that provide the possibility of creating that opportunity to repurchase.

The strategy should be focused on your overall objectives, a discount for the next purchase, a present for the new customer, or even the process of accompaniment at all times will drive a re-purchase in customers.

If we speak in economic terms, it is much cheaper to build loyalty and encourage the repurchase of a customer who has already gone through all the stages of the consumer journey, and made the purchase, than to drive a new one who does not yet know about your company.

Immediacy, quality, discounts, and timely solutions will be your best allies in this repurchase stage. Create strategies with your team that will allow you to achieve the highest possible satisfaction of your target and, at the same time, you can generate more income with the customers that you worked so hard to get in the beginning.

We know that focusing these efforts and creating strategies like this is not easy, because every business is different and handles different buying opportunities, that's why, at CROptimum, we want to help you achieve your goals, by optimizing the resources you currently have. For us, a strategy focused on specific results, will exploit the maximum capacity of your business and generate more revenue within it. Therefore, we invite you to request a free discovery session with us and discover how you can increase your revenue through conversion rate strategies with the help of professionals.

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