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Here comes the fun part, the purchase. Your customer already passed through a few phases and is ready to make the BIG decision. But even if your lead has come so far, why is the sale or purchase not guaranteed? We know how frustrating it can be to have the customer ready to make that sale, but at the last second, they change their mind. By following the Customer Journey you and your customer will go from awareness to purchase with no disruption, you will be able to recognize and know your customers, by doing that you will have your clients go from check out to submit in just a few steps.

All the phases of your Customer Journey are important and they work collectively, but here in the Purchase is a big step for you and your clients, is when the customer makes the transaction, that is why it is so important the customer feels accompanied through this process, having, for instance, a good customer service which will be a win-win for you and your customer, along with that having a website that is interactive, easy to navigate and provides the customer with a step by step, will allow your lead to go through the purchase process and become your current customer.

To have your customer go through the checkout process and click on that submit button, the first step is to understand your website and the ups and downs that it is having. Meaning using tools like Google Analytics will allow you to view the amount of time your customer spends on the shopping cart, or even the shopping cart abandonment rate. With that being said you should first understand the various reasons why your customers are abandoning the shopping cart, tracking your customers, knowing where they get stuck before the translation is made, with that step understood you will be able to fix, solve and create the perfect purchase phase for you and your company.

Let's work together and find the perfect strategies for you and your business. C.R.Optimum will make sure your customers will go through the Customer Journey and become advocates of your brand.

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