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Performing our customer journey helps us understand the steps that a customer takes throughout the journey toward our company and improve the relationship we have with them.

Having a clear understanding of these stages allows us to identify those touchpoints that we have at all times with the customer and to focus our efforts as a company on carrying out actions and generating strategies based on this customer journey.

Each company has different areas in which specific tasks are performed to keep the operation running smoothly. By building this customer journey map, we are also identifying those roles and responsibilities that each area has with our customers' experience.

Once this journey is identified, our main objective will be to analyze and understand it to implement or change processes in the different areas of the company. For example, the customer service area will be able to implement tools that allow assertive communication and understand the customer's emotions in certain situations, while the design area will be able to study the shortcomings of our platforms and design new functionalities that offer the customer a much more dynamic, intuitive and fast experience in their journey.

At the end of the result, the company would be working to achieve the same goal: to generate an intuitive and easy process for the customer and thus improve their perception of the company, bringing with it, new customers, higher revenue s, and better recognition in the market.

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