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If your potential client made it this far, congratulations! It means that he is now an official client of your brand, and now, you must establish strategies that keep him that way and even make him an ambassador of your brand. But that is something you will achieve later.

In short, what is the consumer journey?

It is a tool that allows you to capture on a map each of the stages, contact points, channels, and elements that a customer goes through during the entire Purchase Cycle.

This set of moments that each user goes through is vital for your business. The client's perception of your brand in each of them can determine if he buys from you or your competition.

The Customer Journey will help you to know each instance that the user goes through during their life cycle and find out exactly where, when, and how to act to ensure that your firm is the one chosen when making a purchase.

The key to this process is that it is not an objective analysis of each of the points that make up the life cycle of your client, the focus is on how he feels in each of them about your brand.

In conclusion, conscientiously visualizing your Customer Journey can help you understand and redesign your customers' experience, align their vision with yours, and build conversion strategies more effectively.

90% of dissatisfied consumers feel that they do not have space to give their opinion or believe that it will not be taken into account, so why not make a difference?

Learn how to do it with our next content!

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