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The journey that a customer makes toward our company is not only summarized in the moment of purchase, but is also marked by key moments that allowed the customer to make the decision to purchase our product and/or service and, in addition to this, to recommend it to their friends and/or colleagues. The Customer Journey, although not new, is very little used nowadays. It refers to all those stages or steps that a customer goes through before and after the purchase of a product or service in a company. 

What were the options that the customer previously considered, how was the need to purchase the product that the customer just bought born, what was one of the reasons why the customer bought this specific product, what are the reasons that drive the consumer to recommend our services and/or products, and what are the reasons that drive the consumer to recommend our services and/or products?


The construction of our customer journey map will help us identify the answer to each of the above questions and give us the necessary tools to develop strategies to improve the customer experience and eliminate most of the obstacles they encounter along the way, thus optimizing our current conversion rates.

When we talk about the Customer Journey, it is important to talk about and define our "Touch Points", and these are nothing more than all the points of contact that a company has with a customer, before, during, and after the purchase. These touchpoints help us build our brand's perception in users and create strategies that lead to gradual communication with the target audience.

The more intuitive, dynamic, and timely our consumer journey is, the better the public's perception of our company will be, thus boosting our sales and market recognition. Let's remember that a journey without obstacles, makes us reach our goal faster.

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